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Luxury Brands Dropshipping Guide : Find Original Brands Dropshipper Supplier

Best supplier of original brands including designer bags, luxury brands via eCommerce Dropship – 28Mall. Interested to find reliable suppliers who can help you send the products direct to your end customer? Introducing 28Mall Dropshipping Membership for Luxury Designer Brands and Original Brands dropship program.

How does it work?

  1. Subscribe as 28Mall Dropship Member (different packages available) and choose the type of products category you want to sell including :-

Brands Beauty, Skincare & Cosmetics Dropship

Brands Beauty device & Health devices Dropship

Brands Mobile Accessories & Consumer Electronics Dropship

Popular Food & Healthcare Dropship

EXCLUSIVE Dropship package : Designer Luxury Dropship for the PLATINUM Dropship Members

  1. You will be given the items wholesale price or dropship cost price and suggested retail price. Set your own selling price (decide your own profit margins). Info given include product images without watermark, items description, cost price.


  1. Setup your online store, or social media promotions for the products (eg whatsapp, FB group, Facebook store, selling on Instagram or display in your retail shops). Customer shops from you and pays you the money.


  1. Place order with 28Mall with your customers’ info and pay the cost price plus delivery fees. The item delivery package will be unmarked with our sending address but without logo. 28Mall will give you the order tracking of the delivery status for you to update to your customer.

Repeat the process for other sales.

If I do not join the Dropship Membership, can I also sell designer brands or luxury brands?
Yes, of course, but you will have to PRE-BUY the products with your own cash and have your funds tied down. Many brands will require you to buy a minimum amount eg 1000 pieces before you can enjoy any discount rate. The investment will cost you over US$20,000 or more (if buying a designer bag, you probably can only buy 4 bags of US$5,000 each as your business stocks). Compare this high risk, high investment method versus our Brands Dropship program from just US$1,000 onwards.

How is our Brands Dropship Program unique?

  1. 100% Original Brands products
  2. Includes popular designer brands and luxury brands such as Prada, Chanel, Dior, Hermes and Rolex
  3. Competitive pricing with wholesale cost price without need for Minimum order, or pre-buy
  4. Worldwide shipping & delivery
  5. New products are added in monthly including popular items from all over the world, including France, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia & HK
  6. Work with experienced eCommerce team with over 18 years of selling online (we have cofounded in 2000 and even managing Fortune 500 company websites). Read our media interviews at or feel free to visit our internet marketing offices in KL and HK.

Want a solution to find the best dropshipper and reliable supplier of branded merchandise such as those you see at ? Join 28Mall Brands Dropshipping package and learn how to sell HIGH quality branded merchandise that you love.

To find out more, attend and Dropship for Original Brands Business workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Hong Kong. Apply for your complimentary invite via PM at with your city and personal info. For more info, contact or at +603-2284 6418 (KL) / +852-2591 9168 (HK) or WeChat eOneNet1

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