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Dropshipping Guide : How to choose best dropshipper for your Business?

Looking for reliable suppliers who can help you send the products from their factory direct to your end customer? Want to save cost and avoid handling packing and delivery for products that you sell? Then you will be excited to learn about DROPSHIP – the service used by many online sellers to start their ecommerce business, without investing in expensive stocks.

What is dropshipping?

The dropshipper can be your product supplier and offers you the products info – photos, item description and wholesale / cost price of these stocks.

You then use these products info and set your own selling price (decide your own profit margins).

Customer shops from your website / online store and pays you the money.

You then pay the item cost price to the dropshipper and they will wrap, pack and deliver the product to your end customer (the online shopper)

This is a great arrangement but what are the common problems with dropshipping?

  1. Products info incomplete – some dropshippers simply use online translation software to description their items. Therefore, you have to use time to re-write the correct product description and edit their image watermarks


  1. Low quality of products – for those who have shopped on certain marketplaces, you will notice that the image looks great, the actual product is of bad quality and imagine if your customer receives this same item? Will they complain? Surely, and you end up having lots of chargebacks and refunds complaints. The dropshipper will NOT refund you for the item paid, therefore you will make losses when dealing with cheap and low-quality products


  1. Replica / Fake Products – this is a total No-No. Do not attempt to sell replica of luxury bags, fake cosmetics, non-original skincare as you do not really know what goes into such products. Some dropshippers will even pass off fakes are originals so do choose wisely and if the item price sounds too CHEAP, then it is likely to be a knock-off. Just look around on many online sites which are selling fake Chanel lipsticks for $5, A-grade Louis Vuitton handbags for $50, or Rolex watch for $100.


  1. Slow Shipping, or Limited to Local Delivery – if your dropshipper is doing the shipping for your, and some even offers free worldwide shipping, do ask how long would that take and would there be any tracking, any insurance, and which courier is used? If the product supplier / dropshipper is only able to deliver to your local country, you will miss the biggest ecommerce opportunity to sell worldwide, anywhere, anytime.

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